For the love of Ubiquiti

There are few pieces of gear in this world that excite me as much as Ubitquiti’s long-range wireless products.

For ~$100, you can have a miles-long point-to-point link that will carry data far faster than the money should allow.

This post gives overviews for a few of the projects I have completed using their gear.

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ES6 observations

Syntax goes a long way.

In the Javascript landscape, things change often.

Atypically, ES6 (EMCA Script 2015) makes large syntactic changes.

One place this can have a major impact is with async tasks. The .then() function is magical, letting you write code that handles async tasks without the effort required in ES5

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Changing my approach

We have all started blogs. I give up on all of mine. This is the start of me committing to creating a catalogue of my endeavors.

Thank you to all who follow along.

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